Still thinking . What to do !!!!!!

The morning sun promises HOPE…

People say each time the morning sun rise up, it promises hope. It is the beginning of a new day, new ideas, new insight that comes to light!

How can it be true when every day of my life is a melancholy.
 Every day is a struggle. Others, including me, simply want to go on a nice vacation, or a tour to hill station spending time with family and friends, driving the countryside, enjoying the heavenly scent of nature, meeting beautiful people, girls in particular (men’s weakness?), enjoying delicious street foods with no hassle and bustle of the world, but the question is HOW?

We can’t get around to doing these things when we have problems right?
We don’t have a job to earn an extra funds for pleasure or we have to consider some personal matters. Though every morning is a promise of hope, but we have to struggle hard in life to get what we aimed for.

Life then, is a struggle!.

I went to school, study hard, took up an engineering course in college, and even acquired a RedHat Certification, but until now, I don’t know where I am heading at. Can you relate what I am saying? Or can you imagine a life after graduation, expecting to get a good job, eager to apply the knowledge learned from college? Or you might had a job, but you have to leave it due to some unavoidable circumstances that gives you no choice than to quit?

Every day, I’m thinking of new ideas that could help me fulfill my dreams, ideas that could change my life for the better. However, how can a mere idea helps me if the event each day is opposite to what I’ve been thinking? I’ve been thinking of having a good job. I have applied many companies but up to now, I haven’t received any feedback from them. I exerted effort, spent money and time just to get the job I want, which I think I am capable of, but still, no positive response from them.

To be honest, I am getting bored and confused too. After my graduation ‘till now, still I’m confused. What shall I do in life? How can I prove my worth as a person if I stick on doing my daily routine? Wake up each morning checking mails, doing my personal morning stuffs like simply taking a shower, have breakfast, having time pass at  and , and when lunch is over, again I consume my time on the technology magic called internet, surfing, clicking and all that, checking social sites such as facebook again (that honestly kills my time) ‘till tea time, and when evening comes, going out with friends for an evening walk with them, particularly with Amit Kumar, then what’s next?.. what kind of life is this?

Well, accompanying my friend, Amit Kumar is an exception, for I never get bored being with him. Escorting him as he is new to driving is like a consolation to me. At least I’ve done something different from my house routine. Going out with him with my car (which I considered my baby, sweetheart figo as I mentioned in my previous blog post) has given me a feeling of self worth for I was able to help my friend with my presence. He always want to learn smooth driving and as he is always practicing in the evening with me, I settled with a peaceful mind listening good music either in his car or in mine. After a long drive, encircling the vicinity of our township, I usually preferred to go back home, and find out myself in front of my desktop AGAIN, to check notifications at facebook, mails at yahoo or gmail before I treat myself for a full dinner, and back to my desktop checking mails again before I hit the bed.

Is this the kind of life I desire? I earned my RedHat certificate (as mentioned in my last blog), and I’m pursuing my master’s degree now, but still, I’m not satisfied with my life. I am craving for something. Something different like putting up business, or write a book to become an author but outside forces holds me back. How can I make my life better? How can I grab opportunities when it is even aloof at me? Is there such a thing as “bad luck?” I know there’s no “bad luck” because each person is the driver to reach its own destination. Then what is happening to me then? Is it a matter of choice and I chose the wrong direction? Very confusing life I got. Do you agree? I hope not!
So that at least, I can see hope beyond. Many of you here are like me, and most of you I know are dealing things in a positive perspective.

I still believe the power of the rising sun. I still believe the power of positive vibes. I still believe the power inside me. Above all, I still believe that there is time for everything, and my time is yet to come. Someday, around the corner, life will give me abundance, and rewards me a good job. I just hang on with my belief and I know
success is at hand. I may not have a job for now, I may have a confuse mind at the moment, but I know at the end of the rainbow there is a pot of Gold. I know that there is an end of this confusion and struggle. It’s just a matter of patience and perseverance. I will not underestimate the will of God, for I believe too that there is a reason for everything.

I have given the wisdom, so I can use it. Who knows someday, I can design a new and different website which help the customer get their goods and services at home. Who knows I can use my technical knowledge in this idea, or what if someday, I would become an author of my own book that could bring me to the pedestal, to the life I want, not for myself only but for my family. Nothing is impossible with a clear and determined mind. I have earned my certificate so who knows I can be of help to others to own their own certificates too by writing a certificate guide for them so that everyone can learn Linux easily.
Yes, why not? I can do that! I gonna make a book  for that and I gonna publish it, someday, somehow. May this dream of mine come true.


About sachinfunda

Sachin Ghalot from INDIA There is always a way to show your interest in front of the people . This is my way to show my interest in front of you . So , i hope u'll enjoy this blog . “You stay safe, You love. You survive. You laugh and cry and struggle and sometimes you fail and sometimes you succeed. You Push.” ― Carrie Ryan, The Dead-Tossed Waves Take care. Be blessed
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