So happy to have earned my First certification

When I meet people with fantastic jobs or have an amazing career, I always have to wonder and ask myself this question—“How did they start it out?”

Some people may have just gotten easily lucky, but there are others who found their way into the big leagues early on. Speaking of big leagues, I tried to grab every window of opportunity into the real world.

After graduating in Software Engineering Course, with mixed emotion—happy for finishing a college degree and started to worry for the outcome of job hunting—I prepared myself to face the real world. I decided to go for CDAC courses, a training program for engineers within six 6) months. I filled up the needed forms for the internship sometime in June and got my scheduled exam on the 2nd week of July 2012. It took 15 days before getting the result. I was holding my breath each day while waiting for the result praying earnestly to pass, and it seemed like I have only exhaled the moment I found out that I made it. Oh! wow.. so overwhelming! I passed with good marks! Happiness was all around me. I’ve seen light. I couldn’t ask for more. I thank God for that. I was so happy, yes too happy and excited. I have even considered myself lucky that instant.

But wait a minute…
Is there such a thing as “”Being Lucky?” If so, then I must say I didn’t own my luck because it has slipped away from my hand before I was able to get a hold of it. Luck has slipped away the moment I was being disqualified for the interview. I had passed the first step, but the second one, I simply failed. How did it happen? Before I lost my senses, I was able to call it “Bad Luck”. Four (4) to Five (5) days I was so helpless, very much depressed and still couldn’t afford to believe the result. I asked God why it has to happen that way? In a moment I was extremely happy and at struck moment too that happiness has gone. Do I have to blame God? No.

Nothing and no one is to blame. Everything happens for a reason. I believe that there is always better ahead of me. I might not able to make it at first but I believe that there is always a second chance that awaits for me. I have to be optimistic. I live a life with positive outlook. I believe this is the best weapon to overcome failures.

Instead of getting too depressed, I decided to hang out with my friends, aiming for positive things to happen. Thinking positively results to positive atmosphere. As evident, I was told about the Linux Certificate. Wow, this is it! Earning a Linux Certificate has always been a dream of mine. I enrolled for the said certificate in DUCAT, Noida and had the chance to being trained by high profile trainer of a well known institute namely Mr. Sham and Mr. Krishna who are both players in Linux Technology. It was such an honor for us.

This fact has become my inspiration even during the big day. I prepared myself for the examination, got myself and admission card. On that day of exam, in the morning, I touched my parent’s toes and with name of God I reached the destination i.e. Ducat Centre. Everybody seemed too nervous, my friend Pankaj was nervous in fact. We both are very good friends and studied together in the same institute until graduation period. To at least minimize the nervousness, we both decided to take a cup of tea before the exam. The moment we had our last sip, we have seen Pooja, one of our friends we met during our training in this Certificate Program.

Finally, the three of us have entered the room with relax mind. The examiner checked all our documents like admission card, I.D. proof and the exam voucher. We listened tentatively when the instructions were given. We familiarized the game rule and ultimately ready to attack on the target.

Examination proper…
We filled up all the needed details and everyone was ready to play the game. I was too nervous but I have not given any chance for my nervousness to dominate my mind. Nothing can beat with a clear and determined mind. I have read the questionnaire, I was aware of all the questions but suddenly I was shocked. How can I go on when the network wasn’t ready. There was no network connection! Imagine myself during that instance? I seemed so helpless, can do nothing, sweat was all over me… but then again, the voice inside me say: “Nothing can beat with a calm mind”. That’s all I want. One instant motion, I configured the system. I did it step by step, panic has no room for me. One by one, step by step, slowly but surely, I configured the system. I have done all the questions, not minding the time limit. My goal was to configure the system, yes the system before its being too late… at last, I made it! It has worked properly. Imagine again the success I got..I have successfully configured the network! Wow.. time has come to hit all the balls. Configuring the system has made a difference. It then worked properly like in eserber type questions. Checking the entries, default paths, and so on.. everything was perfect. Few minutes were left but I didn’t worry at all. I calmly checked all the questions and its solutions… until TIME WAS UP.. for the first phase of the game, which is hitting the Certificate Exam of RHCSA i.e. RedHat Certified System Administrator.

The second phase is about to begin. Hit the RHCE Certificate i.e. RedHat Certified Engineer. With much confidence and God’s guidance, I am ready to attack on RHCE exam. After I took a glass of water, I entered the room. The same scenario of the first phase, the examiner had once again welcome the examinee and gave instructions for the exam. The second phase was much easier for us. We were totally confident and relaxed. We hit all the balls one by one and at the last minute, I checked all the questions and its solutions. Presto! I finally submitted the exam solution. No sweat! You might say it’s too much confidence which is very close to over confidence. Well, whatever you may call it, for me, it is the product of a proper mindset. Having a prepared and determined mind, ready to face all the odds in every situation and win it.

While waiting for the result, happiness was with me because I know whatever the result, I still considered myself a winner of every phase for I have successfully played the game. It’s not the matter of winning though, it is the matter of how I played the game.. and I tell you, I played it right, it was fun – sweet high feeling. Though I was happy, but still worried can’t escape in my entire being. I can’t help getting worried about some solutions which I am not quite sure if it was right or not. I was having doubt sometimes. To minimize the tension of waiting, me and my friend Pankaj, including the lady friend named Pooja congratulated everyone, being positive that everyone will get the certificate.

Waiting as they say, is the hardest moment of once life. While waiting, many things were bugging my mind. I was sometimes confident, most of the time worried. I was in that situation for 12 hours, while waiting for the result. From time to time, I checked the website and my mail ID, online querries with my friends. Nothing was on my mind except the tension of waiting. I kept on checking… till lunch time.. even late night, but still there was no result yet. So then I decided to take a rest. Slept was so aloof at me during that time too. Night was over, morning came, I got a call from my friend asking me to check the site for the result… my heart has leapt.. my pulse racing .. for finally, I got my first Certificate. I have been showered with congratulations and I did congratulate Pankaj and Pooja for they too have cleared the exam. Now, we triplets are the RedHat Certified Engineers. Very overwhelming! I proudly say, I made it. We made it. You guys could also make it with proper mindset and determination.

“Nothing can beat with a determined mind.” Because of this I can proudly say I am a Redhat Certified Engineer . Being able to say that I am a part of it is already a big thing in itself. I am now ready for the next phase, to grab opportunities around. Being good at what I do is actually just half the battle; the other half is getting the right people to notice that I’m good and qualified. It’s never too early to start looking for those opportunities to strut my stuff in front of the big players in this real world!.


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Sachin Ghalot from INDIA There is always a way to show your interest in front of the people . This is my way to show my interest in front of you . So , i hope u'll enjoy this blog . “You stay safe, You love. You survive. You laugh and cry and struggle and sometimes you fail and sometimes you succeed. You Push.” ― Carrie Ryan, The Dead-Tossed Waves Take care. Be blessed
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