One night at the platform…

On 30 July 2011

Unforgettable Moment 🙂

I am an adventurous person. I always want to live a happy and active way of life. New things fascinates me. Experiences are very important to me. I am trying to get as much as possible excitement from this life and not to miss any moment of it. One day, one of my wishes has been granted.          

That was 30th of july, 2011, I had my interesting day at Pune, Maharashtra. After completion of my successful interview, I got this happy news from the institute informing me that I was selected for the CDAC course. I was so happy at that time. My friends were hooting, wanted to celebrate, and were making plans for a small party, but all were just a plan because we all live in distant places. This plan of having a party has been canceled and so we settled ourselves for congratulating each other. We were all happy at that moment. For us, it was our achievement, our first phase of what the world has to offer in the next..

With much excitement, after my friends had gone to their respective places or homes, I went straight to the station at Pune junction with my 2 friends whom I met at the  institute. For 30 minutes, we waited for the bus. It was an awesome veiw, with people in that same place roaming around, also waited for their busses. They moved here and there, doing their own stuff and looking very busy. The weather was awesome too. Everything fascinates me, much more when suddenly a beautiful girl sat just near to me. Though my concentration was on the bus, that lady smile at me after a few seconds did not escape me.  So, It brings a tickling effect (is that what they call it) at my being and I felt I was melting by that smile.  As u know that ” nothing in front of the beautiful smile of a beautiful girl “. Moment later, she asked me for the exact time. “It’s 5:30 pm”, I answered. Then again, her lips formed a sweet smile when she said, ok, thanks”. I simply love beautiful things. I appreciate beautiful places and beautiful people. There is no boredom when you are surrounded with beautiful people. After few minutes, the girl’s bus has arrived and she hop in. She was out of my sight when I realized.I waited too long for the bus. Patience is what I need. I still wait and wait for my bus to arrive. To refrain from boredom, I joined the people talking about Pune city. We discussed different things until finally, the bus has arrived and we all feel relieved wearing a smile on our face. What an awesome experience hmm 🙂

Inside the bus, we settled ourselves, and were issued a ticket from the bus conductor  to the Pune station. Beautiful sceneries outside the window have captured my eyes. The weather was fair. After half an hour of travelling, I was at the railway station together with my 2 friends. One of my friend has gone to his hotel reservation and the other one was with me coz we had a train to catch at 2:35 am? or pm? to Jhansi. We walked a little distance towards the platform. Suddenly, we had seen a beautiful girl, what a beautiful sight to behold again. The girl was looking gorgeous coz she had wore a beautiful dress and  had a great hair style. But what we can do, except to keep going and walk towards the platform and again we destined to wait for the train. 

Dinner time, we treat ourselves for a yummy punjabi thali and a sweet dish, Rasogulla. After that we were searching for a place where we can rest for a while at the platform. We went to the waiting hall at platform. It was a rush there but we had seen a perfect place for us to take to stay, at least for that moment while waiting. Me and my friend put our luggages and sat on comfortable chairs. I can say it’s comfortable because it has not been shared by anyone. I solely occupied the other one and the next one was to my friend. My friend has gone into sleep while waiting for his train to catch and myself was again fascinated by the view at the platform. It was my first time seeing a platform so I cherished everything I see. I was moving here and there, observing the people. It was an awesome view at the platform. I love to watch people doing their stuff again, waiting for their respective trains, very busy, some were worried and others were simply at ease. Somehow I was feeling restless at that moment, mixed feelings has engulfed me, a feeling of excitation of being a first timer. Yep, It was my first time to see a platform and stayed that long hours.

During my long hours of waiting, a family has entered at that hall and I was so happy at that time coz 2 beautiful girls were there. Whole night I comsumed my time watching those girls, enough to make up my long hours of waiting, until myself has fall into asleep on the chair. At midnight my friend has woke me up coz the time for the train’s arrival was getting close. We packed our luggages and went outside the hall and waited for the train. My friend looked so tired but I was feeling so fresh due to excitement of being a first timer at the platform. At around 2:30 pm his train has arrived and I was left alone waiting for my train to catch. After few min, the sceneries were like flashback. The public was here and there, while I  was at the  waiting hall and watching those two girls and slept after few minutes.

In the morning at 5:30 am , my eyes opened and an old person was sat just next to my chair. He asked my, son where you are going ???, I replied to him saying I’m going home to Ghaziabad, but when he replied I was shocked coz he said to me that the train had left the station already but after few minutes i was with coll mind coz that was not my train. i smile and replied ” Baba ji , meri train 10:30 am ki hai “. So , i went inside the bathroom and took my shower .

I had taken my tea with some chocolate biscuits and was waiting for my train at the platform lol. 🙂

After this day sometime i’m feeling happy coz that was my first day at the platform but sometime i feel tired coz that was my first day 🙂 

Thank you 🙂 



About sachinfunda

Sachin Ghalot from INDIA There is always a way to show your interest in front of the people . This is my way to show my interest in front of you . So , i hope u'll enjoy this blog . “You stay safe, You love. You survive. You laugh and cry and struggle and sometimes you fail and sometimes you succeed. You Push.” ― Carrie Ryan, The Dead-Tossed Waves Take care. Be blessed
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5 Responses to One night at the platform…

  1. Moonrose says:

    Such an awesome experience.. I can relate that 🙂

  2. dill says:

    This is really vry beautiful,,wow,,wat an experience …keep writing..all da bst 🙂

  3. milli says:

    nice experience,,,,,,sachin……superb………..

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