Taj Mahal – Symbol of LOVE

The Taj Mahal is the epitome of Mughal art and one of the most famous buildings in the world. Yet there have been few serious studies of it and no full analysis of its architecture and meaning. Ebba Koch, an important scholar,  has been permitted to take measurements of the complex and has been working on the palaces and gardens of Shah Jahan for thirty years and on the Taj Mahal itself—the tomb of the emperor’s wife, Mumtaz Mahal—for a decade.

The tomb is the representation of the house of the queen in Paradise, and  its setting was based on the palace gardens of the great nobles that lined both sides of the river at Agra India.  You will explore the entire complex of the Taj Mahal with an explanation of each building and an account of the mausoleum’s urban setting, its design and construction, its symbolic meaning, and its history up to the present day.

  Taj Mahal was built in 22 years (1631-1653) with the orders of Shah Jahan and it was dedicated to Mumtaz Mahal (Arjumand Bano Begum), the wife of Shah. 20.000 workers labored and 32 crore rupees were spent during the construction of the monument and it was built according to Islamic architecture. It is one of the Unesco world heritage site.
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A trip to Mumbai ……

Think of a moment.

Create that moment.

Live that moment.

 “ There will always be something or someone there to fill your every moment.” These are the words from a tiny voice whispering at me one breezy evening of August.

A tour of independence to one of a well-known city in India, the progressive Mumbai  which is known for its scenic nature and beautiful people, has always been a dream of mine. That dream has come true on the 12th of August, 2013. Full of excitement and determination, I get ready for an adventure and at the same time for an interview in Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai Campus. It has been a long happy trip with a bunch of self confidence in my pocket, a bag of positive thoughts inside, with much desire of picking up wonderful moments from personal encounters in the platform and little coincidences from station to station, leaving all the worries and reservations behind. Discouragement and doubts have no room in my trip for I armed myself with a strength of mind and a jolly heart, enough to appreciate life-giving moments.

Waiting Moment.1

Packed with courage, my waiting moment at the platform has been disturbed by blowing of horns. After 30 minutes I was inside the train, searching for my berth, sleeper class , 57, seat 7 in Dehradoon express (name of the train). Only few passengers where on board.  My berth was vacant and looks inviting, as if it has been waiting for me.

The journey moment  has began. 2

            I was comfortably sitting at my berth, enjoying the magnificent view outside when the train has stopped at the platform for an hour. Going to a place where you are a stranger is quite risky and the best way to deal with it is enjoy and savor every little experience.

            After another hour it has stopped again. It’s quite an upsetting moment.  Who wanted to wait when something exciting to come after few hrs? The wait was over and we again continued our journey until the hands of the clock reminded us of dinner. I had taken my dinner and slept after an hour.

The next day, early morning, I got up to freshen up and had my breakfast. 3I treated myself with a bread pakora, partnered with tea at Kota Junction, a beautiful city, well-known for its standard education due to the presence of numerous and effective coaching centers. People call this beautiful city as education hub. Everything found in this place amazes me, even the presence of people of different faces exchanging nod and smiles as they walked by.

After half an hour, the train has again started its journey. Another journey, another experience, another moment to be reminisced. Progress has been reflected in the action of local people, who are daily travelers, and who, by that time were all busy, chasing after time towards their offices and business. In the midst of a busy world, I felt relaxed  while listening music in my mobile in full volume. I act like spectator of different life scenarios. Scenes that fully describe the reality of the world. People were chatting while I was watching from afar.

It was about 2:30 when we reached Ratlam Junction. Time for lunch. 4I didn’t notice I was starving hard until the smell of my favorite Aaloo puri and rice reached up my nose. I wasn’t surprised when I consumed it all. I got full tummy but didn’t mind at all.  I treated myself for a short nap after that yummy lunch. By 6:30 pm, I was in Godhra Junction platform. I was in the Modi’s state in Gujarat.

            Again, the same scenario of people going to and fro from their offices to their respective homes flaunted before my eyes. It was rush hour for them. I’ve seen faces. Different faces from everyone I encountered. Some got a worried face while others were relaxed, some were sad, others were glad, the rest were blank, hiding their life stories by wearing a happy aura as their mask. I watched the assorted color of life while others snubbed.

It was 8:30 pm when I had my dinner. Maybe out of fatigue on the trip, I easily fall into sleep. I got up when the clock struck at 10:30 pm. By that time, I was in Surat railway station.

            At sudden moment, I saw a couple, came over and searched for their seats which  happened to be opposite with mine. They look friendly, proved by our exchanging nods. They set their luggage and started to have their dinner. They invited me, hmm well, I was hesitant at first of course but the food seemed to be so inviting. Shortly after, I joined them for dinner. I cannot name that food, but the taste was so delectable and just by the smell of it is hard to refuse.  I realized then I love foods for I was able to appreciate taste regardless of its name. As dinner went on, we had conversation at the same time. We introduced ourselves then after that short formal introduction, the man (uncle) asked me,

“What’s your purpose of going to Mumbai?”

I replied, “Actually, I have an Interview at the Institute for a technical position.”

The lady whom I call “auntie” gave an impressive smile that adds my confidence.  After we talked the whole night  at 4 am i was on the borivali station .

Uncle asked me , “so where will you gonna stay?

I replied , “ i’ll search for  a place to stay for  while.”

Upon knowing it, they offered their place.  If it’s about  4-5 hours, I was thinking to refuse, but being practical in a tough situation is the best solution.  I accepted their offer and had their number as well so I could easily contact them.5

                After that acquaintance, they headed to their home while I walked towards the platform and searched for the waiting room. Too much exhausted of that long yet worthwhile trip, I rest and took a nap. I got fully awake by 6:30am and took my bath there. I care for myself with tea and a light breakfast (vada, idli and sambhar) in the nearest restaurant at the platform. It was still morning and my interview schedule was by afternoon.  I had a short walk at the platform with familiar scenarios like people chatting, exchanging nods and smiles, and all other common scene like people resting or waiting for their respective train as it come and go loading and unloading passengers.   I was astonished by trains, well after all, it was Mumbai, famous for local trains.

                Boredom is not my cup of tea. Thinking of things to do, I decided to call on the couple I met at the train. Once it was done, I went right away to the couple’s place by following the given address. I had a feeling of relief and when after 10 minutes, I reached their place. It was a beautiful house, opps no, it was a flat but well-decorated flat.  Auntie  came to me and greeted me a welcoming smile. For the second time, they invited me to eat, breakfast that time, a gujrati breakfast.  Over  that appetizing meal, we talked about visiting the place. They promised me to tour around  Mumbai. We went to a National Park, known as Shivali for it was nearer to their home.  After an hour, I bought 3 tickets for us and we entered that fantastic man made jungle.  Assorted animals were there, as we seen generally in the zoo. That short tour has freshen me up.  After treating ourselves from that beautiful and natural beauty, we had our lunch again.

                By 2pm, I left the place. I thanked the couple for their hospitality and said goodbye for I have to catch the interview. I must be there before 4pm. I went straight to the Institute and got almost late since I reached at the Institute by 4:20pm. I asked  the guard for the venue of that  written test . Luckily, a teacher was there and told me the exact location and advised me to double my time.

                I took the test, solving every details of it and done for 45 minutes.  I left the institute for a short tour of the place to utilize my time, but I didn’t know if it was bad luck or something, I was being sandwiched in a heavy traffic. It took me 3 hours to reach the station for home.  My train was suspected to be about 12 midnight.  At last, I could get back home. As a present for my loved ones, I had purchased some souvenir stuff. After an hour or two, I had my dinner in a restaurant. I made sure not to miss my train schedule so I went back at the platform to wait for the train earlier.

                While waiting for the train to take me back at my home place, I couldn’t help myself reminiscing every simple yet meaningful moment during my trip. From those different faces I met along the way, I mirrored my own self to any of those real – life scenarios. I started to think of the things I’ve done and the things that are ought to be done to attain my desire of a good future.  I cherished every moment life is giving me. I took pleasure in thinking that as I step down of the train in every station, I bring along with me the promise of hope from every journey.

 `               At 2:15 am, my thoughts was interrupted by the incoming train. It was my train. I hopped in, took my seat, set the luggage and managed myself for a long night sleep. The next morning I was awakened by the familiar breeze as the gentle wind of Ghaziabad welcomes my arrival. My home place at last! I had been into an interesting trip, where real life scenarios flashed before my thoughts, giving an unforgettable moment of wondrous experiences. I had been into places, but there’s no place like home J. As I embarked the train, I bring along with me hopes and desires to live life moment by moment. Yes. There will always be something  or someone to fill my every moment.  I would never stop journeying, because Life is a journey itself.  A journey to my heart’s desire. A moment of the heart.


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Still thinking . What to do !!!!!!

The morning sun promises HOPE…

People say each time the morning sun rise up, it promises hope. It is the beginning of a new day, new ideas, new insight that comes to light!

How can it be true when every day of my life is a melancholy.
 Every day is a struggle. Others, including me, simply want to go on a nice vacation, or a tour to hill station spending time with family and friends, driving the countryside, enjoying the heavenly scent of nature, meeting beautiful people, girls in particular (men’s weakness?), enjoying delicious street foods with no hassle and bustle of the world, but the question is HOW?

We can’t get around to doing these things when we have problems right?
We don’t have a job to earn an extra funds for pleasure or we have to consider some personal matters. Though every morning is a promise of hope, but we have to struggle hard in life to get what we aimed for.

Life then, is a struggle!.

I went to school, study hard, took up an engineering course in college, and even acquired a RedHat Certification, but until now, I don’t know where I am heading at. Can you relate what I am saying? Or can you imagine a life after graduation, expecting to get a good job, eager to apply the knowledge learned from college? Or you might had a job, but you have to leave it due to some unavoidable circumstances that gives you no choice than to quit?

Every day, I’m thinking of new ideas that could help me fulfill my dreams, ideas that could change my life for the better. However, how can a mere idea helps me if the event each day is opposite to what I’ve been thinking? I’ve been thinking of having a good job. I have applied many companies but up to now, I haven’t received any feedback from them. I exerted effort, spent money and time just to get the job I want, which I think I am capable of, but still, no positive response from them.

To be honest, I am getting bored and confused too. After my graduation ‘till now, still I’m confused. What shall I do in life? How can I prove my worth as a person if I stick on doing my daily routine? Wake up each morning checking mails, doing my personal morning stuffs like simply taking a shower, have breakfast, having time pass at  and , and when lunch is over, again I consume my time on the technology magic called internet, surfing, clicking and all that, checking social sites such as facebook again (that honestly kills my time) ‘till tea time, and when evening comes, going out with friends for an evening walk with them, particularly with Amit Kumar, then what’s next?.. what kind of life is this?

Well, accompanying my friend, Amit Kumar is an exception, for I never get bored being with him. Escorting him as he is new to driving is like a consolation to me. At least I’ve done something different from my house routine. Going out with him with my car (which I considered my baby, sweetheart figo as I mentioned in my previous blog post) has given me a feeling of self worth for I was able to help my friend with my presence. He always want to learn smooth driving and as he is always practicing in the evening with me, I settled with a peaceful mind listening good music either in his car or in mine. After a long drive, encircling the vicinity of our township, I usually preferred to go back home, and find out myself in front of my desktop AGAIN, to check notifications at facebook, mails at yahoo or gmail before I treat myself for a full dinner, and back to my desktop checking mails again before I hit the bed.

Is this the kind of life I desire? I earned my RedHat certificate (as mentioned in my last blog), and I’m pursuing my master’s degree now, but still, I’m not satisfied with my life. I am craving for something. Something different like putting up business, or write a book to become an author but outside forces holds me back. How can I make my life better? How can I grab opportunities when it is even aloof at me? Is there such a thing as “bad luck?” I know there’s no “bad luck” because each person is the driver to reach its own destination. Then what is happening to me then? Is it a matter of choice and I chose the wrong direction? Very confusing life I got. Do you agree? I hope not!
So that at least, I can see hope beyond. Many of you here are like me, and most of you I know are dealing things in a positive perspective.

I still believe the power of the rising sun. I still believe the power of positive vibes. I still believe the power inside me. Above all, I still believe that there is time for everything, and my time is yet to come. Someday, around the corner, life will give me abundance, and rewards me a good job. I just hang on with my belief and I know
success is at hand. I may not have a job for now, I may have a confuse mind at the moment, but I know at the end of the rainbow there is a pot of Gold. I know that there is an end of this confusion and struggle. It’s just a matter of patience and perseverance. I will not underestimate the will of God, for I believe too that there is a reason for everything.

I have given the wisdom, so I can use it. Who knows someday, I can design a new and different website which help the customer get their goods and services at home. Who knows I can use my technical knowledge in this idea, or what if someday, I would become an author of my own book that could bring me to the pedestal, to the life I want, not for myself only but for my family. Nothing is impossible with a clear and determined mind. I have earned my certificate so who knows I can be of help to others to own their own certificates too by writing a certificate guide for them so that everyone can learn Linux easily.
Yes, why not? I can do that! I gonna make a book  for that and I gonna publish it, someday, somehow. May this dream of mine come true.

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Love you sweetheart

imagesDear Figo baby ♥

It was a mere 2 yrs ago when I first laid eyes on you o.O :). .Instantly I knew that I had to have you,,so I made you mine and drove you home ♥ 🙂 you have taken me places I never thought possible 😉 you gives me the ability to go anywhere i want, anytime i want. all i need to go is just get inside you, turn the engine on, and go. i can drive you through towering mountains, long, lonely highways that curve around big country skies, and in and out of busy cities. You takes me across countries, to see things and places.
i can sleep and eat in it; go on these long, road trips on my own because i don’t need anyone else but my figo–my loyal friend–to accompany me. i can turn my stereo on and blast my music and watch the world go by, all while listening to the quiet purr of the engine who is quite content with following me on my journey, in our own little world.
but its what you do…I salute you !! my moon silver pearl !! for being there for me through all that rain and sun mud and dust ^_^ My love for you is only growing deeper :v and I know that you are the ONLY one for me ♥ 😉

Love you my sweetheart ♥

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So happy to have earned my First certification

When I meet people with fantastic jobs or have an amazing career, I always have to wonder and ask myself this question—“How did they start it out?”

Some people may have just gotten easily lucky, but there are others who found their way into the big leagues early on. Speaking of big leagues, I tried to grab every window of opportunity into the real world.

After graduating in Software Engineering Course, with mixed emotion—happy for finishing a college degree and started to worry for the outcome of job hunting—I prepared myself to face the real world. I decided to go for CDAC courses, a training program for engineers within six 6) months. I filled up the needed forms for the internship sometime in June and got my scheduled exam on the 2nd week of July 2012. It took 15 days before getting the result. I was holding my breath each day while waiting for the result praying earnestly to pass, and it seemed like I have only exhaled the moment I found out that I made it. Oh! wow.. so overwhelming! I passed with good marks! Happiness was all around me. I’ve seen light. I couldn’t ask for more. I thank God for that. I was so happy, yes too happy and excited. I have even considered myself lucky that instant.

But wait a minute…
Is there such a thing as “”Being Lucky?” If so, then I must say I didn’t own my luck because it has slipped away from my hand before I was able to get a hold of it. Luck has slipped away the moment I was being disqualified for the interview. I had passed the first step, but the second one, I simply failed. How did it happen? Before I lost my senses, I was able to call it “Bad Luck”. Four (4) to Five (5) days I was so helpless, very much depressed and still couldn’t afford to believe the result. I asked God why it has to happen that way? In a moment I was extremely happy and at struck moment too that happiness has gone. Do I have to blame God? No.

Nothing and no one is to blame. Everything happens for a reason. I believe that there is always better ahead of me. I might not able to make it at first but I believe that there is always a second chance that awaits for me. I have to be optimistic. I live a life with positive outlook. I believe this is the best weapon to overcome failures.

Instead of getting too depressed, I decided to hang out with my friends, aiming for positive things to happen. Thinking positively results to positive atmosphere. As evident, I was told about the Linux Certificate. Wow, this is it! Earning a Linux Certificate has always been a dream of mine. I enrolled for the said certificate in DUCAT, Noida and had the chance to being trained by high profile trainer of a well known institute namely Mr. Sham and Mr. Krishna who are both players in Linux Technology. It was such an honor for us.

This fact has become my inspiration even during the big day. I prepared myself for the examination, got myself and admission card. On that day of exam, in the morning, I touched my parent’s toes and with name of God I reached the destination i.e. Ducat Centre. Everybody seemed too nervous, my friend Pankaj was nervous in fact. We both are very good friends and studied together in the same institute until graduation period. To at least minimize the nervousness, we both decided to take a cup of tea before the exam. The moment we had our last sip, we have seen Pooja, one of our friends we met during our training in this Certificate Program.

Finally, the three of us have entered the room with relax mind. The examiner checked all our documents like admission card, I.D. proof and the exam voucher. We listened tentatively when the instructions were given. We familiarized the game rule and ultimately ready to attack on the target.

Examination proper…
We filled up all the needed details and everyone was ready to play the game. I was too nervous but I have not given any chance for my nervousness to dominate my mind. Nothing can beat with a clear and determined mind. I have read the questionnaire, I was aware of all the questions but suddenly I was shocked. How can I go on when the network wasn’t ready. There was no network connection! Imagine myself during that instance? I seemed so helpless, can do nothing, sweat was all over me… but then again, the voice inside me say: “Nothing can beat with a calm mind”. That’s all I want. One instant motion, I configured the system. I did it step by step, panic has no room for me. One by one, step by step, slowly but surely, I configured the system. I have done all the questions, not minding the time limit. My goal was to configure the system, yes the system before its being too late… at last, I made it! It has worked properly. Imagine again the success I got..I have successfully configured the network! Wow.. time has come to hit all the balls. Configuring the system has made a difference. It then worked properly like in eserber type questions. Checking the entries, default paths, and so on.. everything was perfect. Few minutes were left but I didn’t worry at all. I calmly checked all the questions and its solutions… until TIME WAS UP.. for the first phase of the game, which is hitting the Certificate Exam of RHCSA i.e. RedHat Certified System Administrator.

The second phase is about to begin. Hit the RHCE Certificate i.e. RedHat Certified Engineer. With much confidence and God’s guidance, I am ready to attack on RHCE exam. After I took a glass of water, I entered the room. The same scenario of the first phase, the examiner had once again welcome the examinee and gave instructions for the exam. The second phase was much easier for us. We were totally confident and relaxed. We hit all the balls one by one and at the last minute, I checked all the questions and its solutions. Presto! I finally submitted the exam solution. No sweat! You might say it’s too much confidence which is very close to over confidence. Well, whatever you may call it, for me, it is the product of a proper mindset. Having a prepared and determined mind, ready to face all the odds in every situation and win it.

While waiting for the result, happiness was with me because I know whatever the result, I still considered myself a winner of every phase for I have successfully played the game. It’s not the matter of winning though, it is the matter of how I played the game.. and I tell you, I played it right, it was fun – sweet high feeling. Though I was happy, but still worried can’t escape in my entire being. I can’t help getting worried about some solutions which I am not quite sure if it was right or not. I was having doubt sometimes. To minimize the tension of waiting, me and my friend Pankaj, including the lady friend named Pooja congratulated everyone, being positive that everyone will get the certificate.

Waiting as they say, is the hardest moment of once life. While waiting, many things were bugging my mind. I was sometimes confident, most of the time worried. I was in that situation for 12 hours, while waiting for the result. From time to time, I checked the website and my mail ID, online querries with my friends. Nothing was on my mind except the tension of waiting. I kept on checking… till lunch time.. even late night, but still there was no result yet. So then I decided to take a rest. Slept was so aloof at me during that time too. Night was over, morning came, I got a call from my friend asking me to check the site for the result… my heart has leapt.. my pulse racing .. for finally, I got my first Certificate. I have been showered with congratulations and I did congratulate Pankaj and Pooja for they too have cleared the exam. Now, we triplets are the RedHat Certified Engineers. Very overwhelming! I proudly say, I made it. We made it. You guys could also make it with proper mindset and determination.

“Nothing can beat with a determined mind.” Because of this I can proudly say I am a Redhat Certified Engineer . Being able to say that I am a part of it is already a big thing in itself. I am now ready for the next phase, to grab opportunities around. Being good at what I do is actually just half the battle; the other half is getting the right people to notice that I’m good and qualified. It’s never too early to start looking for those opportunities to strut my stuff in front of the big players in this real world!.

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One night at the platform…

On 30 July 2011

Unforgettable Moment 🙂

I am an adventurous person. I always want to live a happy and active way of life. New things fascinates me. Experiences are very important to me. I am trying to get as much as possible excitement from this life and not to miss any moment of it. One day, one of my wishes has been granted.          

That was 30th of july, 2011, I had my interesting day at Pune, Maharashtra. After completion of my successful interview, I got this happy news from the institute informing me that I was selected for the CDAC course. I was so happy at that time. My friends were hooting, wanted to celebrate, and were making plans for a small party, but all were just a plan because we all live in distant places. This plan of having a party has been canceled and so we settled ourselves for congratulating each other. We were all happy at that moment. For us, it was our achievement, our first phase of what the world has to offer in the next..

With much excitement, after my friends had gone to their respective places or homes, I went straight to the station at Pune junction with my 2 friends whom I met at the  institute. For 30 minutes, we waited for the bus. It was an awesome veiw, with people in that same place roaming around, also waited for their busses. They moved here and there, doing their own stuff and looking very busy. The weather was awesome too. Everything fascinates me, much more when suddenly a beautiful girl sat just near to me. Though my concentration was on the bus, that lady smile at me after a few seconds did not escape me.  So, It brings a tickling effect (is that what they call it) at my being and I felt I was melting by that smile.  As u know that ” nothing in front of the beautiful smile of a beautiful girl “. Moment later, she asked me for the exact time. “It’s 5:30 pm”, I answered. Then again, her lips formed a sweet smile when she said, ok, thanks”. I simply love beautiful things. I appreciate beautiful places and beautiful people. There is no boredom when you are surrounded with beautiful people. After few minutes, the girl’s bus has arrived and she hop in. She was out of my sight when I realized.I waited too long for the bus. Patience is what I need. I still wait and wait for my bus to arrive. To refrain from boredom, I joined the people talking about Pune city. We discussed different things until finally, the bus has arrived and we all feel relieved wearing a smile on our face. What an awesome experience hmm 🙂

Inside the bus, we settled ourselves, and were issued a ticket from the bus conductor  to the Pune station. Beautiful sceneries outside the window have captured my eyes. The weather was fair. After half an hour of travelling, I was at the railway station together with my 2 friends. One of my friend has gone to his hotel reservation and the other one was with me coz we had a train to catch at 2:35 am? or pm? to Jhansi. We walked a little distance towards the platform. Suddenly, we had seen a beautiful girl, what a beautiful sight to behold again. The girl was looking gorgeous coz she had wore a beautiful dress and  had a great hair style. But what we can do, except to keep going and walk towards the platform and again we destined to wait for the train. 

Dinner time, we treat ourselves for a yummy punjabi thali and a sweet dish, Rasogulla. After that we were searching for a place where we can rest for a while at the platform. We went to the waiting hall at platform. It was a rush there but we had seen a perfect place for us to take to stay, at least for that moment while waiting. Me and my friend put our luggages and sat on comfortable chairs. I can say it’s comfortable because it has not been shared by anyone. I solely occupied the other one and the next one was to my friend. My friend has gone into sleep while waiting for his train to catch and myself was again fascinated by the view at the platform. It was my first time seeing a platform so I cherished everything I see. I was moving here and there, observing the people. It was an awesome view at the platform. I love to watch people doing their stuff again, waiting for their respective trains, very busy, some were worried and others were simply at ease. Somehow I was feeling restless at that moment, mixed feelings has engulfed me, a feeling of excitation of being a first timer. Yep, It was my first time to see a platform and stayed that long hours.

During my long hours of waiting, a family has entered at that hall and I was so happy at that time coz 2 beautiful girls were there. Whole night I comsumed my time watching those girls, enough to make up my long hours of waiting, until myself has fall into asleep on the chair. At midnight my friend has woke me up coz the time for the train’s arrival was getting close. We packed our luggages and went outside the hall and waited for the train. My friend looked so tired but I was feeling so fresh due to excitement of being a first timer at the platform. At around 2:30 pm his train has arrived and I was left alone waiting for my train to catch. After few min, the sceneries were like flashback. The public was here and there, while I  was at the  waiting hall and watching those two girls and slept after few minutes.

In the morning at 5:30 am , my eyes opened and an old person was sat just next to my chair. He asked my, son where you are going ???, I replied to him saying I’m going home to Ghaziabad, but when he replied I was shocked coz he said to me that the train had left the station already but after few minutes i was with coll mind coz that was not my train. i smile and replied ” Baba ji , meri train 10:30 am ki hai “. So , i went inside the bathroom and took my shower .

I had taken my tea with some chocolate biscuits and was waiting for my train at the platform lol. 🙂

After this day sometime i’m feeling happy coz that was my first day at the platform but sometime i feel tired coz that was my first day 🙂 

Thank you 🙂 


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Hello world!

Welcome to my Blog. I’m here to share my some experience with you . this experience will be  a mixture of happiness , sadness and craziness 🙂

hope everyone like  my creativity too . You can see what i have capture from my digi in the ipics section.

Dream what you want to dream, go where you want to go,
be what you want to be. Because you have only one life and
one chance to do all the things you want to do.

Thank you everyone. hope u’ll enjoy my blog .

Just SMILE 🙂

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